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Open Doors with Business Friends

Sep 07, 2021

“Every person is a new door to a different world.” – Six Degrees of Separation
The concept behind Six Degrees is that anyone in the world is 6 or fewer connections (handshakes, well maybe not today) away.

During my Would YOU Do Business With YOU?! Seminars, I teach the networking concept of “business friends”. In life we need friends that we can talk to, confide in, go to for advice and rely on. Similarly, we need business friends we can count on as well.

You should realize that any business contact that you are introduced to could become a true business friend. Why wouldn’t you seek out as many of these introductions as possible?

Of course you want the contacts you seek to be targeted, with the end result being a business building opportunity for you. But don’t forget the Six Degrees concept and understand just how the new contact sitting in front of you is a gatekeeper to untold relationships that can be of value to you. They become the “new door” mentioned in the quote above that you need to open.

When you do have meetings with new contacts always have your ‘ideal contact’ in mind and don’t hesitate to make these characteristics a part of the initial conversation you have. Just what attributes are you looking for in new contacts you seek:
· Banker
· Real estate professional
· Small business owner
· Creative person
· Etc.

There is nothing wrong with planting this idea with any of the new or existing contacts you have. Once you mention something like this to a contact it is added to their stream of consciousness. If you make the right impression on your contacts the introductions you seek are sure to follow.

Remember, it’s not about the number of contacts you make. It’s about the quality of the contact and how you nurture that relationship.

So the next time you have a chance to meet someone new, open that door and walk through it with purpose!


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