I've spent more than 40 years in the branding, messaging and product development space.  I simply love sharing the knowledge I've gained with business owners, entrepreneurs and students.


I'm Glenn Rudin -The Message Master


I earned that nickname because I have the unique ability of listening to my clients tell me about themselves and their businesses and then creating copy about them that resonates with their potential customers.

Most people have a difficult time with this discipline.  For me this comes quite naturally as a result of my years of experience with product development.  I see people as products that need to be packaged and spoken about in ways that create engagement and follow-up.

Pitch Advice

You must develop & deliver a great pitch to succeed with your business.

Strategy Advice

You must be focused on the right opportunities to build your business.

Brand or Re-brand

You need to be intentional with both your business and personal brands.


My Love of Branding

I have always had a love and fascination for consumer products and the way they are branded.  When I was quite young I would study bottles, labels, boxes and wonder how it all came together.  In my career, I was fortunate to get to work in the consumer packaged goods industry from the very start of my career.

About 7 years ago I began to realize the similarities between package branding and personal branding.  The ways in which we present ourselves to our potential customers is actually very similar to the way products are marketed in stores.


Do yourself a favor and work with Glenn if you have ANY questions about how best to position your messaging. His ability to hone in on what's important for potential clients to hear is awesome, no other word for it. With laser like accuracy :).  Thanks so much Glenn. 

Julie Goodridge Fall '22


Glenn Rudin is a marketing whisperer. He suggested simple changes to my website that will have a significant impact. I first heard him speak on Clubhouse, where his feedback was insightful and spot on. It was clear to me that he knew what he was talking about and that he cared.  If you need clarity on your message or help to create a marketing strategy, give Glenn a call. 

Theresa Robertson Fall '22


Glenn helped me hone my message - as if by magic. He has an exceptional ability for deep listening and I felt so supported by his generous spirit and years of expertise. I first heard Glenn on Clubhouse and was in awe, hearing him crystalize the perfect words that reflect the mission of a business. Truly, this is a rare skill, and I most highly recommend working with Glenn so you can get your important message out into the world.

Nina Hart Summer '22

Why I Do What I Do

I really enjoy the feeling I get when I know I've helped a client, student or an entire room figure it out.  That moment of enlightenment brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

Just knowing that I've made a difference in someone's business or life is tremendously rewarding. 

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