A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed – ancient proverb

Sep 07, 2021

Your customers are some of your most loyal business friends. If you do a great job with your customer service, then you know who these people are. You know many personal details about them too. Maybe you know other members of their family (i.e. spouse, partner, children, etc.). Maybe you know where they live, travel, dine out, etc. During my Would YOU Do Business With YOU?! seminars I teach about the importance of building a network of “business friends” as one of the key drivers toward business success. Now, more than ever you should be reaching out to your customers (business friends) not to sell them, but to make sure they are okay. You should care about their well being because they are your business friends. They are the lifeblood of your business. They should know you care too. When customers hear from the business owners they support, especially in times of need, they will remember the gesture and be even more loyal in the future. Maybe you have safety or survival tips that would benefit your customer(s). Perhaps you have advice that could provide help to a customer’s family in need. Maybe you just need to say, “Hi, I was just thinking about you.” Now more than ever be that “friend in deed”.

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