Glenn's KEYNOTES are designed to vastly improve your team's communications.

We all have just 30 seconds (or less) to make
a positive impression on potential clients or employers...

Is your current pitch effective?

If not, then you should have Glenn deliver one of his in depth keynotes or workshops for your school or organization so you or your team can learn how to improve their skills in these areas:

- Personal Appearance - Learn to "be great in 8" seconds or less
- Elevator Pitch - How to Develop and Deliver
- Networking - Why you need "business friends" to succeed
- Personal Branding - What 1st impression do you create? 

Glenn "The Message Master"
is the right speaker for you...

My Keynotes and Workshops cover:

- Non-verbal Messaging
- Personal Branding
- Elevator Pitch (Development and Delivery)
- Keys to Great Networking

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