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Business Strategy

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Development
  • Motivational Training
  • Business Growth Ideas

Marketing Consulting -
Product reviews and recommendations for expansion, better focus or elimination. Price / Cost of goods analysis in your specific market.
Place discussions. I will access if you are missing distribution angles or opportunities. Promotions - I'll develop memorable promotional campaigns that create trial and purchase.

Sales Consulting - I will suggest new and exciting strategies for selling your company's products and services. There may be channels of distribution you are currently overlooking. I will identify these for opportunity.

Sales Training - I will help your employees understand: Your corporate story, Mission Statement, and reason for being (Why). We'll recreate the message your team is communicating to the market and teach them how to deliver it.

Motivational Training - We'll see if there are growth opportunities missing due to lack of employee motivation.

Business Growth Ideas - My experience with start-ups, launches, licensing, etc. will allow me to see new possibilities for your company / brand to expand.

Message Development