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Break Through Message Development

  • Corporate Voice
  • Differentiation Ideas
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Trade Show Prep
  • Marketing Materials

    -Sell Sheets
    -Business Cards
    -Trade Show Materials

Corporate Voice - We'll create the crystal clear corporate message your company needs to BREAK THROUGH to your customers.

Differentiation Ideas - We will study the competitive landscape and find points of differentiation that will allow your company or products to BREAK THROUGH in your market.

Elevator Pitch - I will develop multiple Elevator Pitches (customized for your various audiences) and help your staff perfect their delivery of the pitch(es) so your company speaks to the marketplace in just one voice.

Trade Show Prep - I'll identify the strategic trade shows where your product should be on display. Develop and source the proper trade show materials your company needs to create a professional BREAK THROUGH impression.

I will also help your company develop its 10 second grabber(s), 30 second pitch(es) and 3 minute success stories.

Marketing Materials -
a. Sell Sheets - Develop single sheet or tri-fold marketing information sheet(s).

b. Business Cards - Develop new business cards as necessary.

c. Trade Show Materials - I will help you efficiently source and develop; banners, signs, table covers and other trade show marketing materials to showcase your company and brand.

Business Strategy