Established in 2007
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Glenn Rudin

Sales & Marketing Consultant

"I've been working in the Sales and Marketing fields for more than 25 years.  

I specialize in Messaging and Personal Branding.  

I can help you develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP),

so that you can stand out versus your competitors.  

I can help you craft and deliver a message within your 30 second Elevator Pitch

so that you are clearly understood. 


I learned my Sales and Marketing expertise, working for Fortune 500 companies like: 

  • Revlon 

  • Chesebrough Ponds

  • Shiseido Cosmetics 


During my career I've sold to the very largest retailers in the world including:

  • Walmart

  • Target 

  • CVS 

  • Walgreens


I've also created custom products for: Disney, Universal Studios, the NBA and more.


My product development expertise includes:

  • Sourcing

  • Manufacturing 

  • Importing 

  • Selling 


I've created a wide variety of consumer products including; Plush Toys, Novelty Items, Hard Goods, Toys, Consumer Products, Promotional Products and Printed Goods. I regularly attend trade shows around the world, sourcing products and helping companies with their trade show booth look and message.


Over the past 5 years I've begun my professional speaking career. 

I deliver my  Would YOU Do Business With YOU?! Seminar

at universities, libraries, and national conventions.