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  • Full Development

  • Site Mapping
  • Messaging Content
  • Layout Direction
  • SEO Strategy
  • Effectiveness Review

Messaging Content -
I will create Break-Through Messaging for your site. Your website must create a pre-determined trip for your visitors with an outcome that provides solid leads for your company.

Full Development - Our team will incorporate your message into the appropriate website platform: Word Press, Shopify, or Kajabi based on your company’s needs.  Then we'll recommend an appropriately sized site for your company.

Site Mapping - We’ll review your website visitor’s “journey” and help you understand where it is breaking down, then create alternative plans for site success.

Layout Direction - We’ll structure your site in the most logical and efficient manner in order to create a user friendly experience.

SEO Strategies - We will dig deeply into “key words”, “key phrases” and other logistics to create a robust traffic pattern that helps you stay ahead of your competitors and creates robust leads to follow up with.

Effectiveness Review - We will study, review and then recommend the best ways to improve your current site. If it’s not broken then we won’t try to fix it.

Message Development
Business Strategy